Nutrition and Wellbeing Services

When you book a nutrition consultation in Sydney your consult begins with a health history. From here we look at the diet, how food is absorbed in your body, what state you are in to eat your food – are you stressed, rushed, eating on the run or in front of the computer? All of these situations can disrupt your digestive health and overall well-being.


In many situations clients may be taking a number of supplements promising healthy digestion, clean livers, balanced hormones and more. But if you are not consuming the right foods for you and not absorbing and assimilating your nutrients these supplements may not be achieving their goal.


We will set some health goals with you and work our way together to optimal health and a vibrant you.


Along the way you may need some testing but this will be discussed on an individual basis. I also take into account digestive issues, hereditary influences, food intolerances, mind-body factors, functional medicine and life-style contributions.


During your personalised consultation I will use a combination of techniques in order to tailor the treatment to your individual needs.


• Iris examination – iridology is a diagnostic tool based on observations of the iris. The iris reflects activities in the brain and provides the iridologist with clues about dysfunction in the body. It does not show the cause or the disease itself but the resulting imbalance of an organ or system making it an invaluable diagnostic tool.
• Nutritional deficiency testing e.g. zinc testing
• Blood pressure testing
• Medical history taking
• Present condition analysis
• Tailored diet and lifestyle analysis
• Flower essences specifically formulated for your needs


Additionally nutritional supplementation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and flower essences may help balance and revitalise the mind and body back to health if required depending on each client’s individual needs.


For a nutritional consultation in Sydney that is truly personalised to your needs, speak to the friendly and dedicated team at Family Matters Nutrition today. Call us on 0410 659 670 to book your appointment.

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