Clinical Testing

Hair Mineral Testing

Hair Tests

This procedure is based on advanced electro-acupuncture and bioresonance. It is an energy-based test and will provide information on those elements that are causing an energy disturbance to the body.

Tests available are

  • Food and Environmental Sensitivity Test
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Test
  • Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxin Test
  • Comprehensive Women’s Health test
  • Comprehensive Men’s Health Test
  • Sleep and Mood Test

Call Vicki at Family Matters to best access which test is right for you. All tests are $135 each.

Biomedical testing

Biomedical Tests

Biomedical tests are a helpful tool allowing practitioners a functional insight into the individual they are supporting. Biomedical testing can look at areas of hormonal balance, liver function, inflammatory responses, toxic loads and many other bodily functions.



Zinc is involved in over 200 enzymatic activities in the body, and a small amount is crucial for your body every day. Although required for many activities, zinc is crucial for the breakdown of carbohydrates, hormone production and balance, muscle growth and repair as it improves immunity and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Over the years food has been grown in zinc-deficient soil and growing numbers of people with zinc deficiencies are seen across Australia.


Comprehensive Stool Analysis

A comprehensive stool analysis is a non-invasive nutrition test available in Sydney. It is commonly used for assessing the function of the gastrointestinal system. There are a number of CDSA tests, Family Matters Nutrition tends to use Bioscreen as their preferred test.


IgG and IgA Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities can cause a wide range of symptoms and prolonged problems for people including asthma, eczema, altered behaviour in children and migraines. The IgG & IgA general food panel sensitivity testing is a useful test designed to assess both delayed and damaged mucosal type reactions of 96 general western foods.

Hair Mineral Testing

Hair Mineral Testing

Heavy metal toxicities can lead to numerous health conditions including those affecting the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, muscle, skeletal, skin and nervous systems. Hair can contain minerals and metals and can accumulate over long periods of time. A wide range of metals and minerals can be tested for in one sample to provide the status of cellular activity and nutrient metabolism for a person.

Every physiological function in the body is catalysed by minerals. Since the structure of hair remains unchanged, the minerals are fixed in the hair and levels in hair do not significantly change when hair grows. Hair mineral testing accurately tests concentrations of minerals that have accumulated in the hair tissue over the hair growth period, approximately one to three months.

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